Summer Gardening Tips

Summer is now here. The weather is beautiful, kids are out of school and time is already flying by. Summer is always a great time of year to spruce up the landscaping of your house. Here are a few summer gardening tips for you to enjoy.

Plan Out Your Garden

First things first, always map out an idea of what you’d like your garden to look like. I always find it helpful to pick up a few gardening magazines, or to check out a few gardening blogs online. I’ve found and online. Both of these sites are filled with pictures of some incredible gardens, and helpful tips to aid you in deciding what you want your garden to look like.

Once you have some inspiration, take a look at the gardening space you have to work with and decide which ideas you’d like to try to implement in your own garden. It’s a good idea to map out where you want new plants to go and how many you are going to need.
Visit Local Nurseries
Now that you have a plan in place, you can start shopping around in local gardening stores. Langley has some great options including Art’s Nursery on 192nd Street and Cedar Rim Nursery on Glover Road. Both of these local nurseries have a vast selection of products and by shopping there you will be helping local business owners!

Try This Summer’s Trends!

With ever new year comes new gardening trends.

This year a more tropical look is in. Think colourful greens and robust bronze and red hues. The ‘Artful Heartfire’ Caladium or some ‘Nick Senior’ Dahlia are both great options to bring the tropics to your garden. Shades of pink and purple are also in this year. ‘Pinstripe Pink’ Angelonia is a great way to brighten up your hanging baskets or window boxes. These beautiful two-tone pink and white flowers will add an immediate stylishness to any garden. ‘Burgundy Velour’ Easy Wave Petunias will add some of that deep purple hue that is also trending this year. Of course, these are just the start. Your garden truly is a representation of yourself, so pick flowers and colours that you find beautiful and you can’t go wrong.

Cedar Hedges for Privacy

Another great gardening idea for the summer time is to add some trees for privacy and shade in the backyard.

Cedar hedges are a great option for this. Cedar hedges grow quickly into a perfect “natural wall” to block the neighbours view into your yard and also cool down the area, which is much needed in these hot summers! Since cedar hedging does grow quickly, they do require some maintenance… mostly being cut back from time to time. However, I think the benefits outweigh the maintenance with cedar hedges! What do you think?
Add Hanging Baskets to Compliment Your Garden
Another idea that can compliment your garden is adding some beautiful hanging baskets to the outside of your home. If you have a colour theme in your garden, you can hang flower baskets that either have similar colours or complimentary colours. At this time of year, places like Costco and Superstore have pre-made hanging baskets for purchase. But if you are more creative, you can build your own too! Check out some examples below:

Summer is always a great time of year to spruce up your garden. Hope you enjoy reading some of my tips for gardening in summer 2015. Have you done your gardening yet this year? What are your favourite annuals and perennials? Let me know and share this blog with your friends and family!