Tips on Buying Acreage in Langley

Have you ever considered moving to a beautiful Langley acreage? Moving to an acreage in the Langley area can be very appealing, with all of the fresh air, green space, and less time in the business of the city. With all of these benefits, there are a lot of differences in responsibility when buying an acreage property. As a REALTOR® in the Langley area, I have compiled some tips below that you and your family can think about before purchasing acreage. Read of the tips below and let me know what you think.

Consider Community Services and Additional Services in Langley

An area of concern that is often overlooked is the community and additional services associated with home and property ownership. Many services that homeowners take for granted in a suburban home can be difficult to have in an acreage home. Services such as garbage collection, Internet and phone connections, road maintenance, and snow removal in the winter can be difficult to arrange or even to obtain at an acreage property. It is best to do your due diligence before purchasing an acreage home to see if these services, or any others that you require for your family, are readily available. If you know people that live in the area, try to talk to them to see if they have had issues with these services.

Look into Maintenance and Insurance Costs for Langley Acreages

Another often-overlooked consideration is maintenance and insurance cost differences between a suburban home and an acreage. When you consider buying acreage, factor in the maintenance that needs to be done on the property, and any renovations or projects you would like to complete in the near future. These costs and extra work can add up quick, so make sure that you think this through with your family. Be sure that you are ready to take on a project like this – or you may regret it! If you are ready, maintaining and renovating acreage in Langley could be a lot of fun for your family to work on together.

Research Potential Covenants and Ordinances for the Property

Many acreage-seekers are unaware of potential covenants and ordinances that may restrict the use of the acreage you are considering purchasing. Many properties will have restrictive covenants that determine what types of structures you can develop on the property, the kinds of animals that you can own, and many different zoning restrictions. A lot of acreage is in the ALR and this is something that must be researched thoroughly prior to purchase.

In order to make sure you do not run into issues with covenants and ordinances, discuss your needs, preferences, and plans with your Langley REALTOR®. They can research and look into any covenants and restrictions that may inhibit your plans for the acreage property.

Be Certain You Want the Acreage Lifestyle

Owning acreage is considered a dream by many, but the key to happiness with your decision is to make sure you can handle the responsibility of acreage ownership. If you’ve owned acreage before, you likely know what you are getting into. If you haven’t, take a while to think about all of the property maintenance and care responsibilities that come with such a large property. As always, I am available to help discuss your thoughts and help with your decisions on purchasing a Langley acreage and other properties.

Let me know your thoughts on acreage ownership in Langley! Also, feel free to check out my other website dedicated to helping families buy and sell acreages in the Fraser Valley.