Buying a Condo in Walnut Grove

Buying a condo in Walnut Grove can offer a selection of different benefits to homeowners; however, before purchasing a condo, there are several things that a new homeowner should be aware of. As a Langley REALTOR®, my team and I can help you find the perfect condo in Walnut Grove, as well as ensure that you are well informed about condo living.

Tips for Buying a Condo in Walnut Grove

Before buying a condo in Walnut Grove, it is important to ensure that you:

1. Find Out What the Condo Includes

When purchasing a condo in the Walnut Grove area, it is always a good idea to find out what is included with the condo. Doing so will let you know if the condo comes with a reserved parking spot or additional storage, which are important selling features. It is also a good idea to find out if the current owner of the condo has any outstanding agreements that you will have to honour, such as renting out a parking space to another building resident.

2. Find Out How Much Strata Fees Are

In most cases, condo buildings in Walnut Grove require residents to pay a monthly fee which is used to cover common expenses, including insurance and maintenance. Knowing how much these monthly fees are will help you determine if you can afford to live in the building, as these monthly fees will be added on top of your mortgage payments.

3. Know What Strata Fees Cover

While knowing how much strata fees cost in Walnut Grove is extremely important, it is equally as important to know what these fees cover. In addition to insurance and maintenance, strata fees can also commonly cover lawn maintenance, snow removal, landscaping, water, sewer services, road maintenance, and garage pickup, as well as maintenance for additional amenities, such as pools, fitness centres, tennis courts, or a clubhouse.

4. Review Strata Rules

Many condo buildings in Walnut Grove have set rules or regulations that residents are expected to follow. Some of the most common strata rules consist of pet regulations, which determine the size or types of pets allowed, as well as common rules about the condo community, such as whether or not a unit can be rented out.

5. Work with an Experienced REALTOR®

The most important step that you can take before buying a condo in Walnut Grove is to hire an experienced REALTOR® to help with the purchase process. A reputable REALTOR® who is not only familiar with the area but has also sold condos in Walnut Grove can help ensure that you are getting the best deal for your money and that no important documents are overlooked.

If you would like to learn more about buying a condo in Walnut Grove, or if you are thinking
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