What are Chattels and Fixtures?

Q.  What are Chattels and Fixtures?

A. The law distinguishes between the two, so it’s important you understand this when selling your home.

A chattel is moveable property, whereas a fixture is a chattel that has been physically fixed or attached. Your bed, sofa & dining table are all examples of chattels. A built-in bookcase would be considered a fixture. Be clear on what you are leaving or taking when you sell, as there can be confusion, especially when it comes to items like curtain rods and curtains, and wall-mounted TVs. Technically, the curtain rod would stay and the curtains can be removed. The TV goes, but the TV bracket that is screwed into the wall would need to stay.

Issues like this can go to court, so be sure your REALTOR® is very clear in the contract about inclusions and exclusions.

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