Decommissioning/Removing an Unauthorized Suite in the Township of Langley

I recently wrote a blog about Unauthorized Suites in the Langley Township and detailed some of the options for authorization in order to be in compliance with Township Bylaws, which were passed in May 2013. As well as the option to authorize, there is also the option to de-commission, or remove, the suite. Decommissioning is possibly an easier option for some people, especially if you don’t have anybody occupying the suite. This will eliminate the additional utility charges and you avoid the necessity of a Secondary Suite License. Decommissioning includes:

Remove all 220 voltage appliances (stove & laundry dryer). Associated power outlets and wiring must be removed or cut from the electrical panel and at each plug location

  • Mechanical kitchen HVAC must be removed (hoods, fans, ducting, etc)
  • All upper kitchen cabinets must be removed
  • Lower cabinets up to 6 feet in length may remain and a single bar sink is allowed
  • If there is a second set of laundry appliances, these must be removed. All associated plumbing and laundry room fixtures must be cut and capped off within the walls
  • You must remove the locks from doors between the suite and main dwelling. If the suite and main dwelling are not connected by a door, a connection must be established

You must have the property inspected by the Township after you have completed the suite removal. Remember – fines of up to $500 PER DAY are applicable for non-compliance. The Township may also put a note on Title, which could affect a potential Buyer from being approved for a mortgage. Please visit for more details (information taken from TOL website)