The Future of Willoughby

It’s no secret that the Willoughby area of Langley is growing quickly, becoming a residential hub for Langley families. There are numerous townhome, apartment and home developments under construction in the area. The quick growth is incredible to watch, but it begs the question what does the future of Willoughby look like? There are plans for much more than residential buildings in the Willoughby and Langley area. I’ve done some research and picked out some exciting news about what the growth of Willoughby might entail.

Outlet Shopping Centre

There has been speculation that a new outlet mall could be coming to the Langley area around 200th Street and Highway 1. For years there has sat an empty space on the north side of Highway 1 at 200th Street. This location is ideal for an outlet mall, sitting on a major highway and in the middle of the growing Langley neighbourhoods. Langley Township zoning has permitted the outlet mall for construction, but a company has yet to step forward to build it. Could this be a major development in Langley’s future? The outlet mall would provide a new retail segment to our community, providing jobs and an attractive shopping destination for Fraser Valley residents. When comparing the opportunity to a successful outlet mall like Seattle Premium Outlets, the proposed Langley outlet centre stacks up well. The Seattle Premium Outlets is on a major highway and near a large residential area, the same characteristics of Langley’s proposed outlet. Do you think the outlet is a good idea? Share your thoughts below!

New Schools

There is a new school that will open in the Willoughby area in September 2014. Yorkson Area Middle School was developed the accommodate 750 students. The current fall enrollment is already over 800 students and is expected to grow to over 1000 over the next few years. Portables have been added to handle the excess capacity. The Yorkson Area Middle School follows the opening of Richard Bulpitt Elementary in September of last year and the opening of Lynn Fripps Elementary which opened September of 2012. These schools were welcome additions to the Willoughby and Langley area. With growth expected to exceed capacity at most of these schools, will there be more schools constructed in the area? Do you think there should be?

Other Developments

With these major changes in the Willoughby area, Langley residents have much to look forward to in their community. The new schools and proposed shopping centre truly portray how much this community is changing. I would love to hear your thought on the developments and any other news you may have. Please share and comment below!