2017 Interior Design Trends

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As a Langley REALTOR®, I understand the importance of keeping up with the latest 2017 interior design trends. If you are looking to keep your Langley home up to date with the hottest interior design trends of the season then you should prepare yourself for cheery colours, mixed patterns, happy motifs, and maybe a few unexpected twists. Before you start decorating your home, keep reading to find out what interior design trends will keep your home fresh and up to date for 2017.


In 2017, expect to colour your home in rich jewel tones and upbeat colours such as vibrant greens, purples, and ruby red mixed with soft pinks, blues, terracotta, sand, ochre, cinnamon, rust, and olive green. There are two possible directions that you can take these colour schemes: on one side is the use of darker and intense colours that express luxury and self indulgence and on the other side is a careless approach about aesthetics where the most important aim is to make the environment seem fun. Whichever way you choose to colour your home, this interior design trend should ultimately reflect the mood of any real estate property.


One of the top 2017 interior design trends will be to move away from the idea of consumerism in Langley real estate in favour of displaying more natural materials. Plants are a must have for this season, as well as wood, marble, and plexiglass. Think exposed brickwork, the use of cement and blown plaster finishes, the pairing of metals with raw, natural materials such as cork and clay. This interior design trend marks the return to our senses, which will once again determine the essence of the home.

Fabric and Pattern

This years interior design trends will reflect back to the 70’s with the popularity of contradictions in pattern, texture, and colour. Large scale geometric furniture pieces in glamorous colours, featuring gold, brass, and burnished metals will be a hot commodity this year. Youcan also look forward to the polarity in wall coverings with industrial finishes like rust, cement, and burnished metal up against large-scale botanicals. Finally, you can look forward to sprucing up your Langley condo or townhouse with collections of handcrafted accessories, with North African and Indian influences, which have a personal edge but still imply travels to far off places.

Room Design

You can look forward to a more eclectic approach to 2017 interior design trends with an organic, grown-over-time feel, mixing older possessions with newly acquired
accessories and investment/statement pieces. New features in real estate will also take on the trend of escapism as nooks and places to retreat to will become more popular as people react to advances in technology. Relaxed furniture and materials will follow suit, from deep sofas with linen slip covers, to oversized love seats, day beds, Icelandic sheepskins, chunky knit wool rugs, and floor cushions. 2017 is all about pairing back, thoughtfulness, and seeking history.

This year you can expect the return of patterned flooring, both carpets and tiles; a continuation of using bolder, brighter colours; and a return to more individualistic designs. Just remember that however you decide to decorate your home with the top 2017 interior design trends, your home should always be a reflection of you. Already finished your interior
decorating for 2017? As a realtor in Walnut Grove, Langley, Fort Langley , etc., I see a lot of different trends taking shape in people’s homes, and I would love to chat with you about what trends worked best for your space.

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